Project Brief

Vuma Adco (Pty) Ltd have been supplying the mining industry with cutting edge ventilation simulation software for years. Their software uses finely tuned algorithms which allow for very accurate modelling and simulation of temperature and airflow models of underground mines.

Until 2011 however, their software contained a 2D modelling interface. The 2D modelling interface made modelling of underground mines a tedious and laborious effort, as the mine models had to be broken into artificial 2D depth layers. A new approach was required that would convert the application from 2D to full 3D CAD system in order to reduce mine model production time from days and hours to mere minutes. Most importantly the new graphics subsystem was required without having to rewrite the existing application. Vuma also required the new system to slot into their current application framework.

Here is a brief overview of the requirements that needed to be met by the new CAD system:

  • Importing of mine plans as reference images during the modelling process;
  • Dynamic branch creation and interconnecting of branches;
  • Single and multi-select functionality;

We were able to provide a very flexible, solid and expandable solution by using CovertEngine™ as the foundation. The engine is extremely powerful and capable of harnessing all power features of  modern day graphics and compute hardware as required. CovertEngine™ delivers breathtaking graphics in a highly optimised and efficient manner as indicated by the video below,

A distinguishing feature of the engine is unlike other ‘game’ engines it it capable of slotting into existing applications with minimal effort and can therefore be used for any professional CAD/Desktop application orientated projects, it also gives developers an unprecedented level of access to source code.