We cater for all game development needs: casual or hardcore. CovertEngine™ provides cross-platform compatibility and delivers a well balanced blend between automation and customisation. Many modern game engines have a ‘drag and drop’ format. This can be detrimental when low level programming and customisation is required. We deliver a solution that caters for both the casual and hardcore developer: allowing for unhindered programming extensions and customisation. By default the engine supports traditional forward lighting, Linear space deferred lighting and shading. Develop for multiple platforms using a single code base. CovertEngine™ is fully optimised for the next generation of graphics hardware. The engine utilises shader-model 5 features fully in its deferred rendering pipeline to deliver unprecedented rendering speeds.

CovertEngine™ is a true game engine: it readily provides Networking (multi-player), physics simulation, shader and material settings, screen management, control input management, artificial intelligence, asset management and all game-flow logic expected in a modern game.

CovertEngine™ is especially well suited for developers invested in XNA. It provides an abstraction layer for the MonoGame framework (which is now readily accepted as the replacement for XNA). CovertEngine™ utilises a professionally enhanced version of the MonoGame framework adding full shader model 5 support. It provides support for geometry instancing and tesselation. The MonoGame framework, combined with CovertEgnine™’s game engine logic, makes for a true powerhouse — delivering spectacular performance results.

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Computer systems have evolved dramatically over the past 20 years and have seen the introduction of many new technologies such as cloud computing, cloud storage and mobile devices. Computer graphics has seen a major advancement in a very short period of time. The gaming industry is driven by a huge, international base of gamers, ever hungrier for better realism and immersion into their gaming world. This has a huge impact on the advancement of graphics hardware.

Today access to graphics hardware with massive compute power at a very affordable price, is commonplace. One may ask how these rapidly evolving technologies (especially graphics hardware) have been adopted by industries outside of gaming and entertainment. Many engineering firms have invested a great deal in intellectual property development,  making them industry leaders in their specialised fields. This takes the form of specialised algorithms and formulas for solving unique and difficult problems. Many of these companies transform their intellectual property into software products, which they then sell on to clients.

However, very few companies are able to keep pace with the ever evolving computer industry. Whereas software algorithms tend to stay reasonably static, requiring some fine-tuned and honing over time, the way the results of said software algorithms is visually represented, changes rapidly. Visual interaction with software is also rapidly changing.  Time is money: even more so in a world that keeps on accelerating. Productivity is directly related to time. Many engineering firms are losing ground to competitors, not because their software is sub-standard but because their software delivers an out of date and time consuming user experience on the visual front. A well-defined visual interface can greatly enhance productivity. This is especially true for CAD related products where modelling time is of the essence. The visual representation of CAD modelling is just as essential, many companies still provide the same (out of date) graphics experience to their clients that they did 15-20 years ago.

Many engineering companies (be it big or small) do not possess the knowledge or time to adapt the visual component of their software in accordance to an ever changing environment. This is even truer for 3D graphics related applications. Many companies fear disruption and doubt successful, in-time conversion. Most CAD related software products could benefit greatly from graphics comparable to that seen in the gaming industry. Moreover gaming industry graphics quality will be the expected norm as younger generations pick up from the old. Due to a lack of knowledge, money and time many companies see quality graphics as an unaffordable luxury. This can be detrimental to a company’s longevity, as end users will at a certain stage in the evolutionary process simply reject and refuse to use old software. Old software will simply be perceived to be out of touch with current trends and therefore also unproductive. Having advanced 3D graphics capabilities is not just essential for productivity reasons but also necessary to ensure a competitive advantage against companies competing in the same market. Companies simply cannot merely rely on out of the box, third-party software products to solve their graphics capability issues. What is required is a solution that will easily adapt to time spent and investment made that will also allow companies to retain their core IP within an environment and continue to do so in the future.

Can you identify with any of these (or similar) issues?

If you are tired of:

  • trying to make game engines work like a desktop application?
  • forcibly making CAD or real-time 3D simulation application work as a game?
  • hiring programmers to write extensions for mainstream game engines in order to build your safety simulation application?

then the CovertEngine™ is the answer.

You should not be forced to abandon traditional application development because you are forced to use an engine that was designed primarily for gaming. You need a component that can slot into your current solution without causing disruption nor limit the tools at your disposal for application development. CovertEngine™ provides seamless integration into any .NET based application therefore eliminating the risk of throwing away code and starting from scratch.

If you identify with any of these hassles then it is time to contact us. CovertEngine™ was designed from the ground up to be flexible and can be applied in a plethora of scenarios. We offer tailor made solutions at a price you can afford, support and consultancy after delivery. We have enabled others to reduce their production time by staggering margins. What we did for Vuma Adco (Pty) Ltd, we can do for you. Don’t waste any more time. Contact us today and let us help you.

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We offer specialised mobile development intended for those who see mobile computing as an integral part of computing as a whole. Our development core is cross platform right from the start. We do not believe in reinventing the wheel for each target platform. Furthermore our solutions include fully cloud based services which the client can host, extend and maintain themselves (if needs be). These cloud based services offer real-time and/or offline synchronisation of data between ALL platforms.

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Our consultancy services specialise in bespoke high-end interactive, networked 3D graphics for existing as well as new applications across a wide range of industries.

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